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Question: Who can actually carry off a dainty little dress with puffy shoulders, lots of lace and needlepoint flowers?

Answer: Milkmaids, your grandma's creepy doll collection and freakishly lanky runway models.

Bonus points if you guessed right off the bat that Emma Stone wasn't going to make the must-wear list in this Swiss Miss snafu.

After reviewing two weeks worth of the actress' red carpet outfits, we've come to the following conclusion…

The Amazing Spider-Man star must be stuck in a job-sharing situation between two very different stylists. How else to explain all the flip-flopping between elegant outfits (Moscow, London and Paris) and the truly awkward getups (Tokyo, Seoul and now Madrid)?

No disrespect to Dolce & Gabbana, Van Cleef & Arpels or Christian Louboutin, who provided today's ensemble, but there's no way this misguided fashion moment deserves to make it into the press tour scrapbook.

Unless it's as a warning to run screaming from anything similar.

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