Guess Who


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Sometimes we let our minds wander.

Sometimes we wonder what might happen if Sophia Vergara threw her whole wardrobe into a wood-chipper and left it to die. We may now cross that mystery off of our lists.

We had to stare at this Academy Award-nominee for a while to figure it out and now our left eye is twitching.

Can you recognize the funny former Groundling buried in big box couture and a wig so crazed that even Tyra Banks might fear it?

Melissa McCarthy





It's big-screen comedy talent Melissa McCarthy!

It may be tough to recognize her without a bridesmaid gown and a toilet, but that's because the costumes for her new movie are just that amazing.

The actress is currently in Atlanta filming Identity Theft, a comedy co-starring the always awesome Jason Bateman. McCarthy plays a woman who steals Bateman's, well, identity.

Let's hope that Jenny McCarthy's cousin isn't supposed to be a fugitive. You can spot those colors from a mile away!

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