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Too soon to bring the late, great Amy Winehouse back from the dead?

Well, look, it wasn't our idea to squeeze Freida Pinto into painted-on jeans, Pinky Tuscadero corsets, hoop earrings that could double as the rings of Saturn and a doo-wop wig for her cover shoot with Flaunt magazine.

And if you still don't see the resemblance, well, we haven't even gotten to the f--k me pumps yet...

But first that bustier and skinnies combo, which might as well have come straight from Winehouse's own fashion line. It did not—it's Versace—but our point stands.

In other shots, the gorgeous Indian actress rocked Swarovski or Ishraya jewels and pearl—yep, pearl—studded sandals by Roger Vivier. We particularly like the Bottega Veneta distressed emerald frock that Freida lounges in for another photo.

Now, you'll excuse us while we crank up the Back to Black album and cry into our Tanqueray.

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