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There's a purpose to being under 21: You can wear stuff like this and the world forgives you.

Heck, the world may even applaud you for getting the bipolar geisha phase out of your system before you pass it on to your children!

All that said, why are we loving this outfit? Because we really are and it isn't just because it's Dakota Fanning wearing head-to-toe Proenza Schouler...

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Maybe it's how poised the li'l Twilight: Breaking Dawn vamp looks as she arrives at the 2012 CDFA Fashion Awards last night. Maybe it's the wisdom in choosing a simple updo, which allows the kimono print to shine without competition. Or, really, maybe it's the fact that Dakota is 18-years-old and weighs less than a fava bean and can get away with this japery, and she knows it.

Whatever the reason, let's hope Dakota enjoys the Ginza District couture while she can.

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