Katie Holmes, Suri Cruise


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Remember the days of yore, when Oprah was still famous and Tiger Woods was still a slut, and Katie Holmes was worshipped as a fashion innovator with a killer clothing label in the works with her stylist, Jeanne Yang?

Yes, children, that was 2009. And from the looks of this photo taken in New York the other day, it was three very, very long years ago...

Behold Mrs. Tom Cruise as she frumps around Chelsea with her 5-year-old daughter, Suri Cruise!

Observe the denim skirt ensemble with leather rope belt that hasn't been seen since Banana Republic pumped jungle music into its stores at the mall!

Wonder at Katie's choice in recycle-bin-friendly accessories, from the moth-eaten scarf to the suede booties! (For the record, Suri, your outfit is great. Keep it up, and you'll have the world-conquering fashion label that your mom's Holmes & Yang brand should be.)

So, just what was Katie thinking when she put this outfit on? Other than the fact that 1986 was, at least for someone, apparently a very good year?

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