Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

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Judging from this photo, taken Sunday during a live performance in Las Vegas, it looks like Jennifer Lopez has a new pet—and we aren't talking about her fetus of a boyfriend.

Behold, it's a tamed zombie on a leash and it looks just like Marc Anthony!

The former Mrs. Anthony reunited with her most recent former hubby during a live performance for ¡Q'Viva! The Chosen, the reality show that the two created together...

For her stage debut, J.Lo wore a skin-tight spangly dress with what looks like—at least, in some photos—a black streak of lightning spray-painted across her vajayjay.

Marc, meanwhile, wore the chill grin of the flesh-eating damned.

During this same weekend, the 42-year-old hot mama also paraded around with her current boy-toy, the 25-year-old Casper Smart.

We can sympathize. Why wear one man when you can accessorize with two?

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