Janet Jackson

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Designers are starting to make us confused: First Versace comes out with a black gown (Gianni Versace's been dead for 15-years, Donatella Versace) and now the house of Emilio Pucci, known for its crazy prints, puts Janet Jackson in...this.

Maybe it's meant to be performance art?

Are we supposed to get a paintbrush and doodle orange paisleys on Janet's boobs? Can we, can we, can we?

The diamond whiteness of this floor-length halter gown is gorgeous against the singer's perfect skin, clearly making her a standout at amfAR's Cinema Against AIDS Gala in France this week.

But we're not crazy about the fit. The top half looks like it was tailored for Coco and then thrown to Janet at the last minute.

And while we love whatever those shoes are under there—the train? Not so much. Unless the gala turned into one of those surprise celebrity weddings we're always reading about, in which case, move over, AIDS people! Janet's gettin' married!

Uh, congrats?

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