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Earlier today Louis Vuitton put out a press release taking credit for this rumply suit.

Brad Pitt wore it for a photocall at the Cannes Film Festival, where the 48-year-old actor is pimping his latest movie, Killing Them Softly.

Funny thing: As soon as photos of this disheveled wonder started making the rounds, Vuitton put out a hasty correction...

And now it turns out the suit was actually designed by Gucci.

We're not saying that Mr. Moneyball isn't stunning. When you're nearly 6 feet tall and banging Angelina Jolie, you can wear a suit made of rotten hedgehog pelts and still make women faint.

But really, nothing could be more offensive to the French than a wrinkled Gucci khaki Marseilles suit paired with a Val Kilmer coif and a Hanes undershirt. (Well, OK, probably not Hanes, and we like the white oxfords—but that's as far as we'll go.)

We hear that Ange-babe was not at Cannes when her man rolled out of the sack wearing this outfit, which surprises us not at all. You think she'd let him step out in France sporting this?!

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