Anja Rubik

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

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Move over, Angelina's right leg! The gowns we're seeing for Spring 2012 show off even more skin than the Versace number Jolie wore to the Oscars this year.

Just how much bare flesh are we talking? Well, if you can't tell whether a chick has a Brazilian wax job or just a really sharp Gillette back at home, than the slit is not high enough.

Exhibit A: Polish model Anja Rubik. Like every other gal over 8-feet-tall and built like a stop sign, Rubik attended the Costume Institute Gala last night at the Metropolitan Museum of Art...

She wore three accessories. The first was this white shredded gown by designer Anthony Vaccarello. The second was some sort of metallic clutch bag. The third? Her right hip bone.

And you thought weapons weren't allowed into the party, silly you.

Don't get us wrong, if we were Pirelli calendar models with a face like Uma Thurman and a body so sleek and deadly it could double as an unmanned attack drone, we would wear the exact same Vaccarello gown.

But we are not Pirelli calendar models with bodies like attack drones. We are small, catty people who haven't seen our own hipbones since we were 16. So we're going to make fun of 28-year-old human clothes hangers. Deal with it.

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