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Can $1,100 buy you a decent stylist in this town? For Miranda Lambert's sake, we hope so.

Just to be clear: we adore her, her music, and, of course, that luscious Voice judge-slash-hubba-hubba-hubby, Blake Shelton. But we do not adore her cluttered look.

Yes, we understand that the Grammy Award-winner was stepping out for the Kentucky Derby, an event obsessed with accessories—if you arrive without a hat you get thrown into the horse barn, where you have to share a bucket of oats with Sarah Jessica Parker...

And we're happy that Miranda won a solid four figures worth of cash. The 28-year-old even tweeted to Ashton Kutcher about her spoils, "@aplusk where u at? I'm lucky today! I won!"

But Miranda, come on, really? A dress covered in polka dots, Colette diamond bow bracelet, an early-2000s-style Y necklace and a Giovannio New York fascinator that would make even Princess Beatrice cry?

Too much, it's just all too much.

The only that works about this outfit? The money, honey, that shade of green matches everything.

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