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A gossipy little bird told us that Amber Heard is in talks to play an assassin in the sequel to Robert Rodriguez's Machete. Which is interesting, because it looks like somebody just hacked into The Rum Diary star's dress with a two-foot-long bushwhacker.

Now, mind you, we're not complaining—we appreciate a nice set of ta-tas as much as the next gal—but we prefer our Zac Posen dresses, you know, whole. Sewn up. In one piece. Not in a state of partial destruction courtesy of Zorro.

To be fair...

Heard was attending a premiere at the time, for a new Lifetime TV interview series called The Conversation. Maybe that conversation got a little boring and Amber felt the need to rip off her clothes. That happened to us just the other day when we were stuck in a green room with John Mayer. We get it.

We also get that Posen is an awesome designer. If he offered us a dress from his 2012 fall collection we'd totally take it too. Unlike Amber, though, we'd just wait until Posen actually finished that dress before putting it on.

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