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Courtney Love's a real artist now, at least technically speaking.

The Hole singer opened her first gallery show, titled And She's Not Even Pretty, at Fred Torres Collaborations in New York.

The 47-year-old struck a pose in front of one of her pieces—a torn and painted wedding gown—wearing a black silk pencil skirt with a white draped sleeve top, peep-toe pumps and some librarian glasses.

It's nice to see that Love pulled herself together for the gallery opening, as last we remember she was embroiled in a Twitter feud with daughter, Frances Bean Cobain, and Kurt Cobain's former band mate, Dave Grohl, but if you look closely at the words on that piece of art…

It's easy to see that Love, perhaps unsurprisingly, went for shock value above all else. On the front of the dress is the slogan, "Not my c*** on my dime mister!" Awww, isn't that sweet?!

Apparently the words were originally written in red lipstick—how jilted bride of her—but then embroidered over with red stitching.

It's just one in a collection that features 45 pieces of work, including pencil and watercolor drawings that showcase female nudes, self-portraits and a sketch of Gwyneth Paltrow—hopefully she left the "c" word out of that one.

The gallery is set to run through June 15, any fashionistas planning on checking it out?

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