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Looking for romance? Internet dating isn't just for geeks and pedophiles anymore, Karl Lagerfeld needs love too!

Or rather, Ashton Kutcher's impersonation of Karl does. The Two and a Half Men star appears in a series of hilarious videos for Pop Chips where he plays one of five "bachelors" doing a promo video for a dating website called World Wide Lovers.

"Darl" tells us that...

"Money creates taste and I have lots of both." He then says he's looking for, "Something tight. Something like me…Something with style. Taste. Taste is very important. Things that pop in your face." And things take a turn for the racy when he reveals that, "Miracles in my mouth make an Eiffel Tower in my pants."

Karl Ashton we had no idea that's all it took!

The 34-year-old nails the impersonation of Lagerfeld, almost. If we had to critique we'd point out that the accent isn't quite German enough and Lagerfeld has a cat named Choupette, not a chihuahua named Poo Poo.

But you can't be too picky when looking for love online, right? What do you think of Darl's profile? Would you date him?

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