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Dear Joan:
What is the most you have spent on an item of clothing and why?

Dear Curious Kitty:

The most expensive item of clothing I ever bought was the $3 million Victoria's Secret Fantasy Bra, completely covered in diamonds. Sure, I got a lot of flack for it at the time, but I'll tell you, every time I wear it I get compliments all night: "Nice shoes, Miss Rivers." "Gorgeous diamond slippers, Joan." It feels great. Worth every penny.‪‬

Dear Joan:
I'm 17 and about 5' 1 and a half. I think maxidresses are adorable, but every time I try one on I think I look stupid because I'm so short. Do you think I could wear one in public without looking like a lost midget in my own dress, or am I too short? Love the show and I think you're hilarious!

Dear Tiny:
Thank you, my dear! I don't think you're too short at all, but you should be looking for a maxidress that offers some structure. Any dress that just shoots straight down to the ankles is going to look like a tent on you. So make sure you pick something with a slender silhouette or at least a fitted top. Most of all, just have fun with it!

Dear Joan:
Who would you consider for your favorite designer (excluding your designs) and how long have you been into fashion? BTW, I really enjoy Fashion Police, enjoy the jokes and the banter between you, Kelly, Giuliana and George and love, love watching you on QVC. I bought two sets of your readers, one for me and one for my sister and we both love them! Thank you!

Dear Minnie:
I've been paying attention to what I wear ever since I started working on TV. Comfort is fine for a trip to the grocery store, but if the world is watching I think it's important to make an effort. As for my favorite designers, there are so many but I truly love, love, love Valentino along with greats like Armani, Dolce & Gabbana and Chanel.

Dear Joan:
I love your show so much. You are hilarious. I want to know who designed the hot-pink jacket Kelly was wearing a couple of weeks ago. She looked so hot. Thanks!

Dear Fashion Follower:
Wasn't that a great color on her? The jacket and blouse were from Zara that she paired with an H&M skirt and shoes from Aldo. All affordable stuff!

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