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I am a 55-year-old male going to my first white party in two weeks. My question is, Do you have to wear white shoes to a white party?

Dear Party Boy:

You might be able to get away with tan, but as a sign of respect to the host you really should wear white shoes. They don't have to be expensive or fancy, even a pair of white sneakers will do. Have fun!

Dear Joan:
Is it true that your belt should always match your shoes when wearing casual attire?

Dear Miss Matched:
The rule is, there are no rules anymore. Suede or leather, textured or plain, even different colors—your belt and shoes don't need to match, they just need to flatter your outfit.

Dear Joan:
I loved Kelly's blouse on this week's Fashion Police. Who is the designer?

Dear Fashion Fan:
She looked great, didn't she? The outfit was from the Rack on Sunset that she mixed and matched with an H&M blazer, jewelry from Beverly Jill Designs and Alexander McQueen heels.

Dear Joan:
I am from Costa Rica and we have really horrible weather right now. In the morning it is super hot and in the afternoon it is cold and rainy. If I dress for the rain I am going to melt in the morning, and if I use fresh clothes for the morning I'm going to be freezing later! What should I wear?

Dear Fair-Weather Friend:
Layers, layers, layers! Start the day with a simple sheath dress or skirt and tank, but bring a blazer or sweater with you that you can throw on when it starts raining. You need to be prepared so the cold weather doesn't catch you without some wardrobe backup. And don't forget to bring some bling to put on at night!

Dear Joan:
Big fan. Do you think high-heel boots look good with shorts? BTW, you crack me up. I agree with everything you say. Some people just don't know how to dress.

Dear Funny Lady:
Thank you, my dear! Are we playing Starlet or Street Walker? Because thigh-highs with shorts can go either way. It's not a look I'm going to wear anytime soon, but if you've got the confidence and legs to pull it off, then more power to you.

Dear Joan:
I want to know what you think of ladies not wearing hose anymore with dresses. I notice you wear hose and it just looks polished and finished. I tell my husband as long as you wear hose, I wear hose! These women who spend a fortune on a beautiful dress and shoes and then don't finish with hose just look like they are going to the beach. What do you think?

Dear Leggy Lady:
It's a generational thing. I was brought up to wear hose, and at my age, you should thank me for it. But if you've got good legs and can pull it off, then by all means go bare. I'd rather see skin than the seam of a stocking coming out of a peep-toe shoe. 

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