Elizabeth Taylor passed away this week, but her legendary life and style live on.

At the Material Girl launch in La-La Land yesterday, brand spokesmodel Kelly Osbourne confessed that she looks to the screen siren for fashion inspiration.

"For beauty, I always go to the classics, like Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe...and Audrey Hepburn," Kelly replied, when asked about her sartorial muses.

Smart move, Kel, you can't go wrong with Old Hollywood glamour.

But one choice Liz might not approve of is...

Kelly's fast-food diet.

The Material Girl model confessed she'd just scarfed down some Taco Bell just that morning. Aw, way to keep it real, babe!

The star also vouches for the very real talent of 14-year-old designer Lourdes Leon. Kelly says Madonna's daughter was very involved with the styling during the M.G. photo shoot and "is really good at what she does."

And while the Fashion Police cohost gushes about Lola's style, she's not always wild about the stars' outfits featured on F.P. Does she feel extra pressure to look good because of her role on the show?

"I don't care, bring it on," the 26-year-old says. "They're gonna talk s--t anyway.

"People need to realize that as much as we talk about fashion, it's really a comedy show," Kelly explains.

Still, we can't imagine it wouldn't be awkward to run into somebody they've trashed on the show, but the British babe just laughs it off.

Check it out in the clip below!

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