One lucky former escapee gets the chance to return to the resort on Escape Club...and it's Elly Kho!

She was the first escapee to get voted off (check out her epic elimination dinner freakout), but thanks to Donny Ghilardi, Meagan Reedy and Lisa Baldassarre, she's back!

Meagan is the first to run onto the beach to welcome her friend and "life coach" back to the resort and the two engage in a series of squeals and excited giggles as they hug one another.

"Meagan and I have such a unique relationship, I think she's my sister from another mister," Elly reveals. "And it feels amazing 'cause I have not had a good friend like that come around in a long time."

But while Elly's teammates are celebrating over her return, escapee Jesse Blum isn't sharing in their sentiments.

"You saw me crying at breakfast thinking Matt was coming back, but you knew the whole time he wasn't," Jesse vents to the camera. "I've been nothing but loyal to Donny and those girls and they broke my trust...and they're not getting it back."

Watch the above clip to see the other escapee's reactions to Elly's return!

Tune-in to an all-new Escape Club tonight at 8/7c!

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