When you put six hot guys and six hot girls on a tropical resort, things are bound to happen, and on Escape Club, things definitely happened...in the jacuzzi!

Escapees Matt Heagy and Meagan Reedy went for a private dip after a crazy dinner and things got a little "heated" to say the least...

The two connect while discussing their hopes and dreams, then without warning, their lips lock for an intense makeout session!

EC, Kiss Clip

"First kiss with Matt is like, magical," Meagan reveals to the camera. "A first kiss is like a first impression and I just want to kiss him all the time."

"Honestly, I'm really connecting with Meagan," Matt confesses.

Could there be a romantic connection? Or is this just another fun fling in paradise? Watch the above clip to find out!

Tune-in to the series premiere of Escape Club this Sunday at 10/9c on E!

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