Things are about to get spooky! 

In a sneak peek from this week's Eric & Jessie, Jessie James Decker is convinced that their family house is haunted. While hanging out with her sister Sydney Bass and best friend Jessica, she swears she is hearing noises caused by a ghost problem. 

"Are you playing a prank on us?" the ladies ask after Jessie claims to have heard a mysterious noise. "This house is haunted," the country singer reveals. But Sydney and Jessica aren't quite sold on the idea of a ghost in their midst. 

"There is a ghost in this house. It is a man," Jessie shares with cameras. "As soon as we moved in here, I would just be chilling in my room and shoes would fall off." Although, Eric Decker isn't quite buying it either. "Shoes are just heavy. They just fall," he assured his wife. 

Jessie is convinced that the ghost has more to do than just moving shoes around the home. "At Vivi's birthday party, all the little lamps that are out on the back porch that hang, they kept falling down," Jessie claimed. "That is because a wire was screwed in," Eric explained. 

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But, ever the gentleman, Eric will always take his wife's side no matter how ridiculous he thinks she is being. "Do you believe that I feel the energies?" Jessie asks him. "I do believe that you believe that you feel the energies," Eric teases. 

Apparently it's not just ghost energies that Jessie can feel. "Like, I know when he is hungry. I know these things and I can feel them," she shares. "You hungry?" one of the producers asks. "He's not hungry right now," Jessie shares. She was right. "I'm not," Eric reveals.

See the funny moment in the clip above! 

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