Hell hath no fury like a social media mommy shamer! 

Modern moms out there know all too well the perils of posting photos of your children, only to be thrown under the bus by other moms in the comment section. Jessie James Decker may be famous, talented and married to hot NFL star Eric Decker, but she's not immune to being trolled on the internet. 

"You know, it is kind of hard sometimes because you feel like you have to filter what you post in some ways," Jessie revealed. "I'll never post a picture of my kids in their car seats anymore because I'll get schooled on how I'm not doing it correctly or it turns into this argument."

She continued, "I'm not going to post pictures of them in the backseat eating their snacks. It's not worth it anymore—you ruined it!" This is a problem all moms face and when it comes to Jessie, she has her own way of dealing with the negativity.

Jessie James Decker, Eric Decker, Instagram


"There are some times where you just have to let it go and not let it bother you because whatever works for your child, works for your child," the singer explained.

Jessie also admitted that there is a silver lining to every post. "I'll tell you, there have been sometimes where someone has given me some sort of advice and they were right," she revealed. 

One time in particular was when she didn't realize she was carrying her son, "The Bubs," the wrong way and someone helped her out. Or as Eric reminded her, the way they cut fruit for their children is all thanks to a social media mom.

"The babies love grapes, and I had three different women saying, ‘Hey you should cut the grapes in half, don't feed them to them whole because I'm a pediatric nurse and I've seen so many kids coming in choking on these or dying from choking on these grapes,'"Jessie shared. "So now we cut our grapes in half...So it's nice when it's helpful."

Watch the interview in the clip above! 

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