We all know football can be a dangerous sport, but when injuries are involved, it makes us cringe.

While filming a Newlywed-style game, Eric Decker revealed an injury he received during his time as a college football player at the University of Minnesota.

In the clip, he asks his wife, Jessie James, to name the worst injury he's ever received while playing football. The country pop singer knows her hubby and gets it right with "Lisfranc injury."

A Lisfranc injury (we had to look it up), involves a bone in the middle of the foot being displaced from other bones in the foot. Ouch! It can be a complex injury to fix and Eric missed almost half a season during his college career because of it.

Jessie thought the injury was named "Lisfranc" because someone named Liz Frank busted her foot and they named it after her... "Poor little Lizzy."

Watch the hilarious clip above to see more fun facts about the power couple's careers.

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