Eric Decker


The NFL Denver Bronco's player is now a reality star and a soon-to-be dad! How is he dealing with all the pressure?!

"Our relationship allows us to be very well balanced. She spoils me so much," reveals Eric Decker, referring to his country pop star wife, Jessie James. "She makes sure I'm taken care of, emotionally as well as spiritually. She is my best friend, she is my soulmate."

In an exclusive interview with E! News, Eric dished on his marriage with Jessie, what his Bronco teammates have said about the new show and what becoming a new dad means to him.

Jessie James, Eric Decker

The newlyweds tied the knot in June and just found out that that they're going to be parents!

"It was definitely unexpected. We planned on waiting, I guess. Either way, we found out and were both very excited," Eric said. "Ready for this challenge and more than anything, blessed to be able to bring a new kid into this world."

Eric and Jessie have a pregnancy scare in this Sunday's episode of Eric & Jessie: Game On and we wonder if this is when they find out!

There's definitely a macho man mentality in the NFL but Eric certainly reveals his softer side on the reality show. He admits to wanting babies soon and is constantly kissing and doing cute things for Jessie.

We wanted to know what his Denver Bronco teammates have said about the show!

"People have said stuff for sure. They actually wanted to be on the show," Eric revealed. "When they weren't, they passed some jokes along. I know some guys are excited about having some material to play some pranks." (Oh, they definitely have some material!)

There might be some jokes, but his teammates have his back and even gave him some advice on becoming a father. "[Peyton Manning] says, it's his pride and joy in his life," Eric explained. "Going home after a tough game or tough practice, these kids don't know what you do, they don't care what you do, they're just happy you're home. I think that puts lots of things in perspective."

Even though Eric has a super busy with his stressful life in the NFL, he couldn't be more happy to have a baby.

"I'm so excited to bring a new born into the world. My part of life is having my own family. My own wolf pack," Eric gushed. "Probably going to be many challenges of raising a kid, but that's the glory of life. Trying to figure things out together and try to create an exceptional human being."

We love this down-to-earth couple and we can't wait to see their beautiful baby!

Tune-in to E! this Sunday at 10/9c for an all-NEW Eric & Jessie: Game On!

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