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EJ Johnson is bringing his fabulousness to the Big Apple!

In E!'s new upcoming spin-off series EJNYC, the #RichKids of Beverly Hills star is taking center stage in New York City in his very own show!

Get ready for glitz, glamour and a hint of drama as the 24-year-old Los Angeles native pursues his passion for fashion in the urban jungle while always doing the absolute most alongside his closest friends. With bold personalities, ferocious style and all-out attitude, this entourage seriously redefines the meaning of squad goals.

So without further ado, it's time to meet EJ's fierce inner circle and the cast of EJNYC!

EJNYC, EJ Johnson, Elisa Johnson


Elisa Johnson

EJ's stylish younger sister has made several cameos on #RichKids in the past, but EJNYC will allow fans to see the Fashion Institute of Technology student's life in a larger capacity. EJ and Elisa often clash with each other, as most brothers and sisters do, but EJ is quick to point out that at the end of the day it's all love. 

"We're both very dominant, very alpha beings, and we always want to have the last word," he exclusively tells E! News. "Our fights can go pretty deep, but we always apologize to each other and come back with love for one another."

Drew Mac, EJNYC, Instagram


Drew Mac

Drew has been one of EJ's closest friends from Los Angeles for almost three years, and he has also made multiple appearances on season four of #RichKids. "Drew and I met two and half years ago," EJ explains in a recent episode. "My mom even thought we were dating!" 

Fun fact: Drew danced competitively since he was 9, and he was previously in a boy band!

Sanaz Panahi, EJNYC, Instagram


Sanaz Panahi

EJ affectionately calls Sanaz, a real estate development heir, his "Persian princess." But don't get it twisted—she's no pushover.

"She's very much New York and very sassy and opinionated," EJ tells us. "She's just amazing. She's very unforgiving and doesn't have a problem sharing her thoughts and opinions, whether you like it or not."

Kyle Bryan, EJNYC, Instagram


Kyle Bryan

Kyle will be another key player on the show. You may remember he hosted a wild Periscope Q&A with EJ on the most recent season of #RichKids. "He's my New York friend and one of my major New York confidantes," EJ shares. "We've been friends for a long time, and he's helped me with my fashion stuff when I moved to New York."

The two pals met at a party and actually didn't like each other in the beginning. But they eventually bonded over their mutual love of python Fendi bags!

Maya McHenry, Lyric McHenry, EJNYC, Instagram


Maya & Lyric McHenry

Sisters Maya and Lyric are two more within EJ's inner circle. EJ calls Lyric his "best friend," and she also recently moved to NYC. Maya is an up-and-coming photographer and model.

Samaria Smith, EJNYC, Instagram


Samaria Smith

Samaria is Elisa's best friend since ninth grade and the daughter of rapper and actor LL Cool J. She studies design at FIT as well and also works as a model.

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