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From salsa facials to an effective DIY pose strip using glue, lifestyle expert Laurel House shows us fun and inexpensive ways to get use what you have at home to whip up the perfect beauty potion in time for the summer skin baring months.

Glue Pore Extractor - Use a thin layer of non-toxic white Elmer's Glue as a makeshift pore strip. Just like when you peeled it off your hands as a kid, spread a thin layer on your face, let it dry, and peel off. Keep well clear of eyes.

Salsa Facial for Instant Glow - When blended, tomato and lemon are an acidic combination that is perfect for de-congesting and balancing the skin. It is especially great for oily, acne-prone, stressed-out skin. Lemon is also a skin lightener and can help to balance areas of hyper-pigmentation.

Pepto Mask - In the same way it breaks down oil and acids in your digestive system, it breaks down any on your face. Use two tablespoons and leave on for 15-20 minutes. We can put it on a cotton ball and apply a thin layer.

Zit zappers - Crush a few Advil or aspirin and mix with water to create a paste (or open an Advil gel capsule), and leave the paste or gel on problem spots overnight. Add a Band-Aid to keep it in place.  The salicylic acid will fight bacteria in the pimple.

White Vinegar - There is a reason many face wash products smell so bitter? The acidity of white vinegar can actually dissolve zits. Put a little bit onto a cotton swap and pat it on the pimple.

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