It's revenge week on E! News (which pretty much means Jason Kennedy better watch out because everyone's trying to get him).

Our beloved news correspondent was the target for Catt Sadler, who tried to prank Kennedy by surprising him with a pen full of micro pigs in their shared office. Yes, you read that right.

Jason walked in to see a bunch of cute little piggies running around the floor, and to our surprise, he wasn't jumping in to cuddle with the little oinksters. In fact, he barely wanted to pet them!

Jason Kennedy

E! Entertainment

"Oh, good! Good timing. I've just been waiting for you because I brought some friends to work today," Catt told Jason as he walked in to their office. "They really wanna meet you! Come here Jay! You have to meet them. There's no reason to be afraid."

Jason, and his bright red face, responded, "I never was a big fan of Charlotte's Web."

"You're so good at springing things up on us all the time, I thought a little spontaneity in our office would be a good thing," Sadler added.

Although Kennedy seemed hesitant to get close to his little pals, he warmed up to them and Catt's plan backfired! (Should've gone with the cockroaches!)

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