Jane Lynch promises that it's gonna get nasty on Hollywood Game Night this week.

And that sounds good to us!

Asked who the most competitive celebrity contestant has been heading into the second season of the NBC game show, Lynch tells Giuliana Rancic and Terrence Jenkins on E! News tonight that w'ell be seeing him this week.

"Anthony Anderson and Yvette Nicole Brown, they are at it together," Lynch says. "They're both reigning champions, they both won in the first installment of Hollywood Game Night, and they are at each other's throat."

"It crossed the line—I think in a good way!" the Emmy winner recalls. "It got crazy. And it doesn't help, you know, when you're..." she adds, miming knocking one back.

Terrence then inquires as to whether the famed drinking-to-excess part of the show is real and, yup, it totally is.

"Oh yeah, we keep their glasses filled. If they continue drinking, we will fill it up," Lynch says. "We had to cut some people off. It absolutely gets out of control. We had to cut off a guy, who I'm not going to say what his name is...his initials are Nate Berkus."

Hollywood Game Night, Erika Christensen, Nate Berkus, Mel B

Trae Patton/NBC

Yes, that was a good night.

Lynch also dished about that other little show she's on, which is about to celebrate its 100th and 101st episodes.

"We'll have Gwyneth Paltrow back and Kristin Chenoweth back, and of course I destroy the glee club as I always do," the Glee star says. "But without much glee this time around because I'm the principal and I wanted them to succeed, and I had to put 'em on the chopping block because they didn't win whatever it was, sectionals or regionals, I forget.

"So they're trying to make a comeback, but it's a really funny episode, both episodes."

We don't doubt it. Check out the clip to see how Lynch fares at our own game, Celebrity Fusion—and tune into E! News for more celeb scoop at 7 p.m. & 11:30 p.m.

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