Jessica Lowndes, Joe Jonas, 90210

Lisa Rose/ THE CW

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Once in a lifetime, a star of epic, dreamboaty proportions comes along and steals the hearts of tweens and grown-lady TV bloggers alike. And news flash: We totally just scored a guest blog from him. (Holler!)

So who is it? You heard Joe Jonas is guest starring on tonight's 90210, right? Well, guess which megafamous superstar is spilling the deets right here...

E! News correspondent Jason Kennedy, who also appears on tonight's episode! What, were you expecting someone else? Then I guess you are pleasantly surprised and you are welcome. Take it away, JK...


Wow! Hard to believe that tonight is the big night—my acting debut on 90210!

I could hardly sleep last night. My mind was racing with all the possibilities once the world sees my acting talents. Thoughts like: Should I quit hosting altogether and pursue this full time?

My agent has been calling the folks at Glee, Modern Family and Antiques Roadshow, leaving long messages about how I would be an asset. (They haven't called back, but I know deep down they're just playing hard to get.)

Jason Kennedy, Jessica Lowndes, Joe Jonas, 90210

Lisa Rose/ THE CW

Anyhow, let's not take our focus away from 90210. I'm playing myself and have a scene with Jessica Lowndes (Adrianna), Michael Steger (Navid) and a guy named Joe Jonas. Joe was very respectful of my space on set—he never once looked me in the eye, per my request.

There's even a chance my scene won't air on the show, which is great because they're saving the good stuff for the DVD bonus features!

On a sad note, I got really bad food poisoning after eating at the old Peach Pit, but oh well, can't win 'em all.

See you tonight on the CW!


Now take an exclusive peek at our very own E! News cutie Jason (and yes, Joe Jonas, too) behind-the-scenes on tonight's 90210:

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