Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler have undeniable chemistry.

In Blended, the frequent co-stars traveled abroad with their movie families. "I've been to Africa several times, actually," 39-year-old Barrymore said on Thursday's Chelsea Lately. "I work in Africa with the World Food Program, but this was my first time in South Africa, and it was just a completely different experience. We had our families. We would get held up on our way to work by a herd of elephants."

The unusual traffic patterns paled in comparison to other oddities, however. "There was a sign on the window that said...'Don't leave your window open. Monkeys will ransack your room. Love, The Hotel,'" Barrymore recalled. "You were like, 'I just want to test it to see what happens.' It was bad."

A baboon appears in one scene, which made Barrymore squirm. After all, the animal's handler had warned her to avoid eye contact and keep her teeth hidden. "I thought, 'If I get my face ripped off right now, this is gonna be hard to explain to my husband and kids,'" she said, laughing. "But it went okay!'"

On weekends, Sandler seized the opportunity to go on safari. "Somebody told me it's kind of like scuba diving, that you're just in your own little world and get to see all these cool little animals," he said.

Though Barrymore and Sandler are married to other people, Chelsea Handler wondered if the co-stars ever dated in the past. After all, they were both single when they shot 1998's The Wedding Singer!

Watch now to find out if their onscreen romance translated into an offscreen fling!

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