Looks like America just got a bit more beautiful.

Diane Kruger appeared on Chelsea Lately Thursday night where she dished on the process of becoming an American citizen while also sharing how she celebrated her permanent status in the States.

"I had a huge 'Americano' party," the German beauty shares. "Everyone had to come dressed in red, white and blue. I made a cake, baked an American cake, red white and blue inside. I did get the flag wrong, but my friends were too embarrassed for me to mention that and I only saw it in the pictures, and was like, ‘Yeah.'"

Too cute! And don't worry, we won't hold if against you, girl.

"It was sort of the flag," she admits. "But I missed stripes below the stars."

To which Chelsea quips: "By the way, I probably wouldn't get that right either and I'm from here."

Kruger—who looked fashionable as ever in a black silk shirt, white pants and sky-high stiletto sandals—continues, noting how she tried to be as American as possible at her party:

"It was really fun," she says of the celebration. "I got water guns because Americans love their guns, so, you know, we had that," she adds with a laugh.

The conversation then turns to the complicated process of becoming an American citizen as the 37-year-old star explains how it all went down.

"So the process, you have to ask all these American companies you've worked for, people you know, why they think I would make a great American citizen," she says. "And it's pretty funny what people write."

Diane Kruger, HFPA Luncheon

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

So how did Diane's faithful American friends describe the National Treasure star?

"Well, like, she's very dedicated to working hard and she represents the principles of our country to her best abilities," she admits. "And you have this interview process where you meet the ambassador and he's basically asking you why I would think I would be a great American," she says before hilariously adding: 

"I feel like I'm the most American American of all of you at this point because I had to give him this glowing review of why I would be great."

Which, may be entirely true, until her German accent comes out.

"That's the moment my boyfriend [Joshua Jackson] knows he needs to shut up," she confesses.

Glad to see the girl hasn't lost her fiery German blood!

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