LeAnn Rimes, Eddie Cibrian

GSI Media

Eddie Cibrian has reportedly hired an image consultant to help him clean up his not so great reputation. I guess his affair with country star LeAnn Rimes that started while both of them were married to other people hasn't done much to endear him to the public. Us Weekly is reporting that the consultant instructed him to be seen more with his children. I don't know if the consultant is doing a very good job since they let it leak that he has to be told to hang out with his own kids, but there's always hope. Apparently Eddie was also told to do get rid of his Porsche and buy a Prius. Now that is a crafty suggestion, because if you don't care about your family, the least you can do is care about the environment. And if that doesn't work, swapping out a hot, fast sports car for an eco-friendly one will at least prevent him from cheating again. Women are a lot less likely to pork a guy who drives a Prius.

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