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In Touch has an article about celebrity personal assistant's "telling all." I was excited to read the article, hoping for some fun facts like when the nannies blabbed that Madonna's 4 year old is on a macrobiotic diet and Britney Spears likes to walk around without pants on. Unfortunately, In Touch let me down. Apparently Katie Holmes' assistant has to make sure that Katie "drinks her barley water every morning," which isn't only's gross. Another source revealed that the Kardashian sisters "don't want to leave the house without full hair and makeup," which isn't a surprise, and I for one am grateful that they don't make us see what they look like au naturel. Britney Spears did once again make it in one of these articles, and this time it was revealed that Britney "makes her assistant sleep in the same bed with her..." That is pretty f--ked up; every one knows that you should only sleep in the same bed as your book agent, a baby bird or your lesbian stylist.

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