Chelsea Handler

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This Teen Mom thing has gotten completely out of hand. We talked about how they have recently been on the cover of all of the important magazines like Star and OK!, which is just a way of the tabloid world saying "thanks for being irresponsible!" I decided to flip through a couple of the stories about these girls so that I could get a better understanding of what all the fuss is about. One of the girls flunked ninth grade. Really? You're somebody's mother and you can't make it through ninth grade? Actually that makes sense. If you fail ninth grade you will most likely fail a pregnancy test. They also talked about how most of these girls are having a tough time keeping a boyfriend. Thanks so much for the update, stupid. You mean that 16 and 17 year old boys aren't sticking around to see how that whole "I knocked someone up" thing plays out? Listen, I was a big fan of 16 and Pregnant. Watching those girls waddle around the halls of their high school was somewhat entertaining. But by watching the show's depressing spinoff, I'm starting to think that these girls didn't really think things through.

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