John Parra/Getty Images

Jersey Shore's Snooki was reportedly involved in yet another bar fight. There's a video of it, so I don't know why I said "reportedly," but E! legal is always on my ass, and I live in basic fear of not using the right terminology. 

Anyway, Snooki was out at a bar in South Beach filming the second season of the humiliating MTV show. Snooki told some guy who was talking to her to leave her alone, then the guy's friend wandered over to the table and said something to her that she apparently didn't like. She threw food at him, slapped him in the face, then poured a drink on him. The real surprise here is that Snooki had a drink near her that was unfinished. 

In retaliation, the guy then poured his drink on Snooki. Apparently this started when the first guy was showing interest in her, which she should probably be thrilled about but I guess this guy did something that turned her off, like graduate from high school. 

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