When Lisa Kudrow swung by Monday's Chelsea Lately to chat about her series Web Therapy, it almost became a, well, therapy session of sorts.

"Your character, Fiona, is a big hot mess on your show, which is a really, really funny, fantastic show, and I am on it and I am playing a transgender," remarks host Chelsea Handler.

"My first husband," notes Kudrow.

"So, I don't think I ever properly thanked you for thinking of me for that role, so thank you,"  says Handler, clearly wondering why she was selected for the part.

To which Kudrow tried to clarify.

"I think we explained also that we had the idea that Fiona had a first husband who is now a woman, but she had to be prettier than Fiona, she had to be better at being a woman than Fiona. That's why we picked you."

"That's such bulls--t," Handler quipped.

"It's not," insisted Kudrow. "Because it's not funny if you look like a guy who's now a woman. That's not funny. What's funny is that you're, like, thinner, have a better body, prettier, sexier."

Evidently, Handler was still not convinced.

"That's what people have to say to you in order for them to get you to agree to play a man. 'You're so pretty, you have to play this man,'" she said.

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