The Saturdays

Courtesy of E! Entertainment

The Saturdays get ready to play the Roxy for their first headlining gig in the US, but during dance rehearsals and workouts Rochelle finds herself noticeably tired and out-of-it and can't figure out why…

Vanessa is panicked about the performance, and her anxiety is throwing off her voice. She brings in her vocal coach from England to push her through it, but even he struggles to get through to her.

On top of all of that, Frankie gets some bad news – her grandfather died, and she has to fly back home for the funeral, which is the same day as their performance. The girls band together and offer her all the support in the world, telling her they will be fine performing as a foursome.

Meanwhile, Mollie, Rochelle, and Frankie plan a surprise joint birthday party for Una and Vanessa, and spend the day picking out a cake. Frankie decides to take on the challenge of making the perfect cocktail and starts dumping random liquors into a mixer, and despite everyone's concerns of it being awful, it ends up being delicious!

The girls play to a packed house at the Roxy, and Vanessa is able to overcome her nerves and nail her solo!

And then Rochelle drops a bombshell: She needs to fly back to England to tell her husband some big news… she might be pregnant.

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