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When we first see The Saturdays this week, they're in the studio recording a new song, "Not Giving Up On Love." The message of it must have sunk in deep, because Vanessa and Frankie then spend the next few days Not Giving Up On Getting Mollie a Boyfriend.

You see, poor Mollie is the only currently single Saturday, and it's hitting her hard since she just saw her ex with a new girlfriend not long ago. To remedy the situation, Vanessa and Frankie try to encourage some flirting.

Unfortunately, Mollie isn't the best flirt. Her first attempt ends up being a conversation about onions and tomatoes in her salad. But at least with her accent, she says "to-mah-toes" all cute-like. That has to count for something.

Her second attempt is with a surfer dude who gives the girls a surfing lesson, but sadly he turns out to be taken. Then it's to the club, which Mollie deems "a disaster."

Ultimately, Mollie decides that love can wait: "I'm not in a rush," she says, "I have the most amazing friends around me."

Meanwhile, Una has to do a bit of extra babysitting and it's not with Aoife's with Rochelle. Marvin calls to tell Rochelle that he closed on their dream house, which is thrilling for both of them.

But when Marvin tells her about his plans for a pool table and a DJ room, Rochelle's excitement turns to dread. "This is not a P-I-M-P cribs house, it's a house!" she cries.

So as a preventative measure, Rochelle does some furniture shopping here in the States. The only problem is the bill: with shipping, the order comes to $23,500. "At least it's in dollars and not pounds," Rochelle sighs.

Marvin is appropriately shocked, but the two work it out: Rochelle cancels her order, and Marvin agrees to hold off on his elaborate home decorating schemes until Rochelle gets there.

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