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We're just a little more than a month away from the premiere of Chasing The Saturdays, and already we're gearing up for the new British invasion. We're so excited that we're starting to call trucks "lorries."

Speaking of which, you might find yourself in need of a crash course on British slang before you dive into the world of The Saturdays. Here's a primer on some common terms that you might hear the girls drop now and then on the show:

Nicked: In America, a nick might be a shallow cut. But in England, to nick something means to steal it.

Usage: Be careful when you watch The Saturdays perform, or you might find that they've nicked your heart. 

Fit: We Yankees tend to use this only to describe someone who is athletic. But a Brit calling someone "fit" just means that the person in question is very attractive.

Usage: There's no denying that The Saturdays are all really fit. 

Knackered: We have plenty of ways of saying that we're tired out in America. This is one of the fun ways to say it over in England!

Usage: With all of their touring, publicity and shooting a reality show for E!, you can bet that the girls were pretty knackered when it was all said and done.

Snog: It might sound like a creature from The Hobbit, but to snog actually means to make out.

Usage: Being the unmarried pop stars they are, Frankie, Mollie and Vanessa are always being asked whom they're snogging.

Dodgy: If something is dodgy, that means it's not trustworthy. An American equivalent might be "sketchy."

Usage: It would be a bit dodgy if you actually physically chased The Saturdays. Best to just like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

There you have it! Now you're prepared to tune in to Chasing The Saturdays starting Sunday, January 20 at 10/9c on E!, and you'll even understand when Vanessa starts dropping some British slang on you.

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