Burning Love

The field has been narrowed down to three, which means that the competition could totally just end now if this were Big Love. But this is Burning Love, and Bill Paxton is nowhere to be seen, so Mark has to choose between Carly, Titi and Annie.

It starts with Mark meeting the girls' families, who are more or less horrified by this whole thing across the board...except for Carly's mom, who is almost as enthusiastic about setting up her daughter as she is about Mark in general.

But Mark gives Carly a hose again and gives the other to Annie, sending Titi home. "Ultimately I don't think I could ever marry an Indian, after what the white man did to them," explains Mark.

After that, Mark takes the girls to the fire station, where they meet Mark's friend Jay (guest star Kerri Kenney-Silver), who is clearly in love with Mark. She promptly dies in a fire, though, so...on to a nice sushi dinner!


"You can grow out of midgetry"—Annie's dad

"I think I'm contractually obligated to propose to somebody"—Mark

"I'll never remember those names. Those are such weird names"—Mark

"Meeting Titi's family was fantastic. Spoiler alert: they speak English!"—Mark

"Mark, I hate to be a dick, but it's time"—Bill

"Fire is so annoying! It's always interrupting conversations and burning things"—Mark

"Ultimately I don't think I could ever marry an Insian, after what the white man did to them"—Mark

"Mark is more important to me than I am to me"—Jay

"They might be right in front of your face. Like right in your face. Like 'ahhhh, there they are!'"—Jay

"I mean she always loved chimichangas, maybe that's what she was trying to tell me"—Mark

Whom will Mark choose? Tune in next Monday at 10/9c for the season finale of Burning Love!

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