Burning Love

The field is down to three! We started this week with Titi, Carly, Tamara, Annie and Willow, but Tamara was unfortunately sent home after a personal training date. Damn that monkey heart. Still, Mark was much less heartbroken than Carly, who is just going through a lot of confusing emotions right now and stuff, you know?

Willow got a glimpse of a potential home after the competition when the group volunteered for Homeless No Mo, which builds houses for homeless people like Phil (guest star Matt Besser). Sadly, Willow was sent packing at the hose ceremony, but at least she brought a few extra bagels with her.

Who will make it to the final two? Tune in next week for another new episode of Burning Love and find out!

Burning Lines

1. "Sometimes my fingers are still tired when I wake up and I feel like I need someone to feed me"—Carly

2. "She's the closest friend I have in the house. I mean that by distance because she's always really close to me"—Tamara

3. "I need to know that the woman I end up with doesn't get fat one day"—Mark

4. "I can't put my finger on it. I mean, I'd like to put my finger on it"—Carly

5. "Mark's a little too Mark. It's like, back off, don't be so Mark all the time"—Carly

6. "I want to see who has the biggest heart. I already know who has the biggest boobs"—Mark

7. "Them's the berries"—Mark

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