Burning Love 102

Another week, another contestant gone. But before we get to that, we meet Mark's therapist Damien. Damien isn't licensed in this state (or any other states) but his methods get results. Namely, they get him a clean office.

Mark heads out on his first one-on-one date this week, with Haley. Remember her? The one who never wears pants? Well, Mark thinks the date goes pretty well, but he did miss Haley making out with the bartender, so...

After that, Mark has a challenge for the ladies: they all have to participate in a stand-up comedy open mic! Mandy (Kristen Bell) is worried, because stand up comedy is a sin in her book. But, she really does want that hot tub date with Mark.

So Mandy more or less crushes it, and that earns Mark's admiration. However, Tamara wins the challenge by reading a Bazooka Joe wrapper to Mark. Mark isn't so good with humor.

Mark and Tamara enjoy their hot tub date and get some jokes from a "professional joke-teller" (Paul Scheer) while they're at it. Oh, and Tamara has a monkey heart. No biggie.

When it comes time for the hose ceremony, things end badly for Mandy, who ends up getting sent home. She wishes God's wrath on the rest of the contestants as she leaves. As one does in that situation.


"I can see us starting a family together, maybe in a town where they accept people who don't wear pants"—Mark

"Don't play frisbee or nothing with that"—EMT guy

"Looks like she's got some good suction going on there"—Bartender

"I had no idea religious people could be funny. I thought it was against their religion"—Mark

"It was like sitting in a tub of romance soup"—Tamara

"Yes I'm disappointed. But I know God loves me, and I pray that he will punish them. All of them" —Mandy

Tune in next week for another all-new episode of Burning Love!

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