Botched By Nature, Botched By Nature 103


Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow made a shocking discovery on Wednesday's Botched By Nature!

On the episode, the doctors traveled to Iowa to meet with Brandon who was born with pectus excavatum, where his chest wall sinks in.

To try to help the look of his chest cavity, Brandon had an implant put in when he was 19. But there's now a problem with the implant and he needs the doctors' help to fix his chest.

When the doctors met with Brandon on the episode, he revealed that his implant was fine for 15 years, but something's happened in the last year where "fluid" develops around his implant that creates a "bubble."

So to drain the fluid, Brandon ordered syringes online and has been draining the fluid himself without the help or supervision of a doctor! But the problem is so "scary" and severe that Brandon said he's "worried for my life."

Take a look at the recap to find out how Dr. Nassif and Dr. Dubrow react to Brandon's confession and to see how they're able to help him!

1. The Doctors Discover Brandon's Been Practicing Medicine on Himself:

When the doctors meet with Brandon, he explains that he had an implant put in at the age of 19. The implant was working well until last year when the fluid started to develop around it. When the doctors examine Brandon they have him drain his implant and they realize there's an "infection."

"This is a major disaster waiting to happen," Dr. Dubrow says.

They then make a plan to help Brandon remove his implant and give him some peace of mind.

2. Identical Twins Need the Doctors' Help to Fix Their Cleft Lips & Palates:

The second stop the doctors make on this episode is to meet with Cynthia and Magali, identical twins who were born with cleft lips and palates. The twins have had six surgeries to try to fix their lips and palates, but haven't yet received the results their looking for. Watch the clip above to see what they're hoping the doctors can do to help them!

Botched By Nature, Botched By Nature 103


3. Brandon's Surgery Is Split Into Two Parts:

For Brandon to have the best possible outcome, his surgery is split into two parts and Dr. Dubrow brings in Dr. Losasso who's an expert in pectus excavatum.

"I've brought in Dr. Losasso because I want him to see exactly what the deformity is like," Dr. Dubrow explains. "This is very important information he will need in order to give Brandon a good outcome."

Dr. Dubrow then tells Brandon that he and Dr. Losasso were "discussing" why he developed the "fluid collection" out of the blue.

"I'm concerned about it enough to make sure I get all the tissue surrounding it, the capsule and sent it off," Dr. Dubrow says.

"And then once it's out and once your chest heals in a few months we will do the Nuss procedure," Dr. Losasso explains.

During the surgery, Dr. Dubrow is able to remove Brandon's implant and the capsule surrounding it. He then sends the aspirated fluid from his chest and the capsule to pathology so they can be analyzed.

Botched By Nature, Botched By Nature 103


4. Dr. Nassif Discovers Why Magali Was Having Trouble Breathing:

During surgery on Magali, Dr. Nassif finds a "large spur" blocking her right airway.

"No wonder why Magali couldn't breathe, because she's got a large spur, which basically a piece of bone and cartilage blocking the complete right airway," Dr. Nassif explains.

Dr. Nassif is then able to open up her airway and make Magali's nose look "a lot better."

"It was difficult, and this is just our first surgery," Dr. Nassif says.

Botched By Nature, Botched By Nature 103


5. Cynthia's Surgery Is ''a lot Easier'' Than Magali's Because They Had a "Great Road Map":

Although Dr. Nassif explains that there are some "slight differences" in Magali and Cynthia's nose, he admits that Cynthia's surgery is "a lot easier" because Cynthia's surgery was right after Magali's and they had a "great road map."

After fixing Magali's nose, Dr. Nassif then moves on to Cynthia's lip and successfully corrects it.

Terry Dubrow, Botched By Nature, Botched By Nature 103


6. Doctors Help Lift Brandon's Chest Wall:

After receiving a green light from pathology to move forward with Brandon's second surgery, Dr. Losasso and Dr. Dubrow perform the Nuss procedure on Brandon.

"Now we're going to put your chest wall in its proper relationship with your heart, to get the best result we want to lift the deepest part of the deformity up off the heart," Dr. Losasso explains.

The doctors are able to lift Brandon's chest with the help of metal bars and successfully complete the procedure.

Botched By Nature, Botched By Nature 103


7. Twins' Breathing Has Improved "Tremendously" After Surgery:

Six weeks after their surgeries, Cynthia and Magali are ready to show off their results. When the twins show their family the results, they couldn't be more excited.

"Now our noses are much straighter, our breathing has improved tremendously and we don't get as many headaches and we look more like twins than ever before," Cynthia and Magali explain.

Then go on to say, "Dr. Nassif not only gave us a new nose, but he gave us a new life."

Botched By Nature, Botched By Nature 103


Botched By Nature, Botched By Nature 103


8. Brandon Promises Not to Practice Medicine on Himself Again:

Two months after Brandon's surgery, he meets up with his wife, his baby girl and their friends to show them his results.

"Having this procedure done was pretty important to me because I wanted this since I was eight years old and I first noticed the deformity," Brandon says. "Later on down the road I could've had more complications with my heart and my lungs so it was really important to me to have this corrected now so that I don't have to worry about later on being around for my daughter."

When he shows everyone the results of his chest they tell him it "looks incredible."

"Now that I've had the implant removed and my chest wall pushed out I feel like I can finally be the active dad that I want to be. And don't worry Dr. Dubrow, I'll never practice medicine on myself again," Brandon promises.

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