Botched By Nature, Botched By Nature 102


Why did the electricity stop working during Rosa's surgery?

On Wednesday's Botched By Nature, doctors Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif traveled to San Antonio and Columbia, S.C. to visit patients in need of help.

The first patient the doctors met with was Rosa, who was struck by lightning in a parking lot seven years ago and survived. During her meeting with the doctors, Rosa explained that the lightning strike left her with severe burns on her chest and lead to complications with her breasts and a botched tummy tuck.

After hearing Rosa's story, the doctors agreed to help Rosa, but during her surgery something unexpected happened...the electricity went out!

So were the doctors able to help Rosa?

Take a look at the recap to find out and to see what happened when the doctors met Chrystal, a patient who has brachymetatarsia!

1. Rosa Was Struck By Lightning & Survived:

When the doctors meet with Rosa, she tells them she was struck by lightning in her right chest and it came out of her left foot while in a parking lot.

Rosa explains the jaw-dropping story to the doctors and reveals that she was "burning up in flames" after being hit by lightning.

Take a look at the video above to see Rosa tell her shocking story and explain how the underwire on her bra was burnt into her skin!

Botched By Nature, Botched By Nature 102


2. Rosa's Previous Doctor Botched Her Tummy Tuck:

After being struck by lightning, the doctors had to remove the underwire from Rosa's skin, which made one side larger than the other.

In addition to that, Rosa was left with severe burns on her chest and couldn't move or walk, which she explains caused her to gain "a lot of weight."

So a year after the incident, Rosa decided to have a tummy tuck. Unfortunately for Rosa, she got an infection after having the tummy tuck.

"I got a general surgeon, but they only tightened up the front and they forgot to tighten up the sides," Rosa tells the doctors.

She then explains, "I'm like, this was supposed to make me feel better about myself. I was already dealing with my breasts and now I have to deal with a bad plastic surgery."

When the doctors examine Rosa, they devise a plan to help fix her breasts and her botched tummy tuck!

3. Dr. Dubrow Suggests Chrystal "Remove" Her Toe:

The doctors travel to South Carolina to meet Chrystal, who has brachymetatarsia, where one of her toes is shorter than the rest. Chrystal has the condition on both feet, but had surgery on the left, which ultimately made it "worse."

When the doctors examine Chrystal, Dr. Dubrow suggests she "remove" the toe.


Take a look at the video above to find out and to see the surprising news Dr. Nassif shares!

4. Dr. Dubrow Signs Dr. Nassif Up for Tinder:

While taking a break from surgery, Dr. Dubrow asks Dr. Nassif about his personal life. When Dr. Nassif says he hasn't done any dating sites, Dr. Dubrow tells him they should get him a Tinder account.

Watch the hilarious clip above to see what happens next!

Terry Dubrow, Botched By Nature, Botched By Nature 102


5. The Electrical Devices Don't Work on Rosa:

Dr. Dubrow is about to start his surgery on Rosa when he realizes the electricity isn't work.

"We can't do this operation without electricity," Dr. Dubrow says. "What the hell is going on?"

He then says, "The fact that the electrical devices aren't working on her seems like a little more than a coincidence but I'm trying not to go there in my mind and just go through an action plan that will allow me to do this procedure safely."

The doctors then put a new grounding pad on Rosa's leg and the electrical devices start working.

"The good news is is now everything's working properly and despite the resistance of her scars, I'm able to complete her breast lift and I anticipate that she'll heal really well," Dr. Dubrow explains.

He is then able to fix her botched tummy tuck and even though he says her surgery was "extremely difficult" he also says it was "extremely satisfying."

Botched By Nature, Botched By Nature 102


6. Chrystal Decides to Remove Her Toe:

To help make sure Chrystal gets the best advice and surgery possible, Dr. Dubrow brings in Dr. Forman, an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in the kind of surgery Chrystal is getting. When Dr. Forman examines her toe, he agrees that the best thing to do to help her pain would be to remove her toe on her left foot and then they will help her toe on her right foot.

After talking to the doctors Chrystal says she's "confident" in the decision to amputate her toe.

Botched By Nature, Botched By Nature 102


7. Chrystal Gets Her First Pedicure After Surgery:

Six weeks after a successful surgery on her feet, Chrystal feels confident enough to go get a pedicure for the first time!

"I've wanted this for years," Chrystal says about her surgery. "It's like a second chance, and most people don't get that, a lot of people don't get that so I am grateful."

She continues, "Today I'm getting my first pedicure ever, I'm excited but kinda nervous at the same time."

After Chrystal gets a pedicure, she says it felt "really good" and says it's the "first of many."

Botched By Nature, Botched By Nature 102


8. Rosa Is Starting a "New Beginning" Post Surgery:

After having surgery on her chest and stomach, Rosa is "happier" and is ready to show off the results to her friend and family.

"It's a new beginning and I'm in a happy place and I'm in a good place," Rosa says. "And I think I'm ready for whatever comes."

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