Barbie called and she wants her body back! 

Alicia has started the process of "bimbofication" but she needs Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif's help to make her dream come true. Of course she won't be doing it alone and she brought her equally as fascinating boyfriend with her to the consultation—he has the words "made it" tattooed on his face—for moral support. 

"I told him right from the beginning that I was very fascinated with big boobs and long blond hair and everything like that, and he was like alright," Alicia shared. "I was like really, really goth when I met him. I just started like one year ago to transform myself—It's called bimbofication." Interesting because we thought it was called wacky! 

Botched 411, Alicia


Naturally, Dr. Nassif and Dr. Dubrow had some questions for her. "So when we hear the word bimbo we think of someone who is just very stupid," Dr. Nassif said point blank. "I don't want to be an airhead but basically what it is, is to look like a male fantasy," Alicia shared. 

In case that wasn't clear enough..."I want to look like a f--k doll but I don't want to be a f--k doll. I know that is very contradictory but I feel like my body is a form of art," she revealed. 

So how does one go from goth to total bimbo? Well, it's a lot harder than it seems. "A year ago I enlarged my boobs from nothing to 650 CCs and I got infection. Which now the right boob is much harder than the other one," Alicia explained.

Even with one botched surgery under her belt, she's not even close to being finished yet. "What other things are on your list that you're thinking about doing?" Dr. Dubrow asked.

"A Brazilian butt lift and rib removal as well to smallen the waist. I'd like an internal corset to always make the waist line slim and bigger boobs," Alicia revealed. "At one point I even thought about sewing my fingers together because that would create a doll hand. I don't know how that would work." wouldn't. 

See the shocking reveal in the clip above! 

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