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Tracy is ready to "take on the world" after her surgery on Botched.

On Sunday's episode, doctors Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif met with Tracy, who wanted the "horns" on her nose to be gone. Tracy had nose surgery when she was a junior in high school and while at first she loved it, she started to notice some changes in her nose during college.

"There grew these two little horns from the end on the tip and I couldn't breathe as well," Tracy explained on the episode. "Over the past seven years, I noticed my nose was getting worse and worse. It just slopes down and then these two horns protrude and they're not even symmetrical."

Tracy continued, "And everything seems to be collapsing in on the sides. So when I look in the mirror now and look at my nose, automatically I'm back to my junior high school years where all I see is a messed up nose. And I just keep seeing it get worse and worse to the point where I don't know…you know am I just gonna wake up one day and I have no nose?"

While looking at pictures of Tracy's nose, Paul said he could see right away that she had "really bad bassa," or pieces of cartilage on her nasal tip which look like they're "protruding out of the skin."

Tracy, Botched, Botched 402


While in surgery with Tracy, Paul realized that her previous doctor "removed about 80 percent of normal anatomy" in her nose. But he is able to get about "85 percent improvement in the nose" and Tracy loved the results.

"My nose has been reborn without the horns," Tracy said after her surgery.

Watch the Botched recap above to check out Tracy's before and after results and see how Terry helped patient Connie, whose previous doctor botched her liposuction surgery! Plus, see if the doctors operated on Bunny, who wanted larger boobs in order to be more successful in the cosplay world!

Watch the season 6 premiere of Botched Tuesday, Nov. 5 at 10 p.m., only on E!

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