NOV 4, 10PM

 Botched docs Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow want to get each other on the operating table!

"I'd love to do laser hair removal on Dr. Paul Nassif," Terry told E! News yesterday while promoting the return of Botched this Sunday at 9 p.m.. "But I don't think they make a machine strong enough or effective enough to do any dent in that." LOL!

So what medical procedure would Paul like to do to Terry in return? The answer may surprise you!

"He's gotten pretty lean, lost a lot of body fat, looks good," Paul said. "You're ripped, shredded. But with that, because he's older than me and because he has the typical white man butt and the loss of weight, his butt has become very flat. And so what I wanna do for him, my favorite celebrity to work on would be Dr. Dubrow for putting some fat or something in his butt. Like a little Brazilian butt lift to give him a little bit more volume."

"Stop looking at my butt!" Terry cracked.

"I have a nice bubble butt, you don't," Paul teased.

But Terry's butt isn't the only body part Paul wants to fix. Watch the hilarious clip to see what else Paul wants to take a knife too!

Watch the season 6 premiere of Botched Monday, Nov. 4 at 10 p.m., only on E! And tune in for Botched's "Most Outrageous Patients Special" Monday, Oct. 28 at 10 p.m.

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