"That's insulting to a patient."

Pardis has been waiting 10 years for this moment. On Sunday's season four premiere of Botched, patient Pardis meets with doctors Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow and explains how a botched rhinoplasty job when she was a teenager led to major breathing problems.

"When I was 15 I hit puberty, the hump came in, just that traditional Middle Eastern hump," Pardis explains in the clip above. "And my parents were like, 'Look if you wanna do this, let's do it.'"

Pardis continues, "I was so concerned over going into sophomore year and having everybody know that I had a nose job that I said, 'Just get rid of the hump.' And he did."

Pardis, Botched, Botched 401


And while she was initially "extremely happy" with the results, she then started to realize that her nose was crooked and she was having breathing problems. So she decided to go back to her doctor to see if he could do anything to help her.

"I went back to him and he said, 'Your nose is fine, you should get a chin implant,'" Pardis says. "I was like, 'No thank you.' So we left."

See the Botched doctors react to the shocking story in the clip above and then watch the season premiere this Sunday to see if they can help her breathing!

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