On the upcoming Botched Reunion: Show & Tell, you will see some of the most interesting patients from season one, including the Human Ken Doll in the above sneak peek, and even the Justin Bieber look-alike.

You will also see some of the patients that had less funny and more gruesome experiences such as tummy tucks, uniboobs, nose jobs and more!

We're taking a look back at the 7 most cringeworthy moments from the first season of Botched and we're not going to promise that you won't cringe again, but we can promise that you will be fascinated. 

7. Ribs

Those doctors sure are resourceful. Remember when Dr. Paul Nassif removed a piece of Michelle's rib to use in reconstructing her nose? This image did not sit well with us, at all. 

Botched, Cringe Moments

6. Uniboob

How could we forget Alicia Jenkins' uniboob from past, botched surgeries! She came in with literally no cleavage and when she lifted her arms we couldn't help but cringe at the way they moved. 

Botched, Cringe Moments

5. Awake Patient

When this patient insisted to be awake during her surgery, we totally felt for her! Every time she grunted, squinted or semi-cringed, our stomachs completely churned. 

4. Yanking Implants

This one is honestly hard to even look at again. Cringed isn't a strong enough word for what we experienced when Dr. Terry Dubrow forcefully yanked out Janice Dickinson's 30-year-old breast implants! Ugh! 

Botched, Cringe Moments

3. Vagina Stomach

Oh geez! Desiree's vagina had basically moved on to her stomach after a terrible, terrible tummy tuck! Thank goodness for Dr. Dubrow because this one is beyond cringeworthy. 

Botched, Cringe Moments

2. Vagina Drawing

While this isn't a surgical shot, we still totally cringed when Dr. Dubrow decided to explain the anatomy of the vagina. It was equally as disturbing as a bloody scalpel scene. 

Botched, Cringe Moments

1. Butt Implants 

The butt implants flipping was HANDS DOWN the most cringeworthy moment from season one of Botched. Watch the video below to relive the moment that made us cringe the most! 

Tune-in to the two-part Botched Reunion: Show & Tell special on Sunday, Oct. 26 and Monday, Oct. 27 at 10/9c only on E! 

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