After undergoing several procedures with Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif, the glamorous Monique Allen is ready to debut her hot new dance single "Sock it to me Daddy" and even filmed a racy music video to go along with it!

The transgender patient appeared on Botched to help fix her pixie ears that were caused by a face lift and a tummy tuck to correct the appearance of her rippled skin—the result of having over a gallon of silicone injected into her body!

Monique got the surgery just in time, right before shooting her video. Her previous songs include "38 Triple F" and "Punch My Kitty."

Botched Clip

"I get booked in London a lot," Monique said, referriing to her cult following. "They really like my songs."

In Monique's brand new video, she is dressed like a policewoman and surrounded by half a dozen hot, shirtless guys doing a series of sexy, gyrating dance moves while she beats them into submission with her little baton!

"Hey, glamorous Monique," she sings while busting out a dance move. "Move, move, where's my table, where's the bottle?"

Watch the deleted scene above to see Monique's music video!

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