Janice Dickinson, Botched

Brandon Hickman, E!

Janice Dickinson, also known as the world's first supermodel, recently appeared on Botched to get her breast implants changed by Dr. Terry Dubrow after growing tired of the negative press that was circulating about the ridges in her breasts. But Dr. Dubrow was in for the shock of a lifetime when Janice informed him that her implants were 30-years-old!

"Implants have a certain shelf life, a timeline and I ignored it," Janice explained. "But thanks to Dr. Dubrow, he said that they had to come out immediately—not just for aesthetic reasons but for health reasons."

Janice is no stranger to cosmetic procedures and advocates getting work done as long as it is necessary and performed by board-certified professionals with good reputations like Dr. Dubrow or Dr. Paul Nassif, in addition to surrounding one's self with a good support system.

Despite being comfortable in the operating room, however, watching herself go under the knife on television was an experience that Janice described as "shocking."

"It's been amazing," Janice said of her post-surgery recovery and results. "My breasts are absolutely younger and more natural and better than I've ever dreamt of having! I was being panned in the press but now there's nothing that they can say about them. Dr. Dubrow and Dr. Nassif do the most beautiful work and I'm really grateful to the doctors for their expertise."

While Janice's surgery was one of the more challenging procedures that Dr. Dubrow had ever faced, hers was also life-changing when he discovered a lump that had to be sent out for a biopsy.

Fortunately, the lump ended up not being cancerous, but to Janice, those three days felt like an eternity.

"During those three days, it opened my eyes up to all the millions of men, women and family members that have been touched personally by breast cancer," Janice said. "I'm not Mother Teresa but  I really empathize and plead with women to have annual mammograms. My heart really went out to other women going through the same experience and with that being said, I'm really going to get behind breast cancer and fight as hard as I can for the rest of my life to help come up with the cure for cancer."

Watch the above clip to see Janice's interaction with Dr. Dubrow during her surgery!

—Reporting by Kamala Kirk

Tune-in for an all new episode of Botched this Sunday at 10/9c!

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