1. La Demi, Botched 512

    New Patient La Demi Proves She's "Fearless" With a Daring Photo Shoot on Botched

  2. Laura Botched 512

    See Why Laura Has Been Living With One Nostril For More Than a Decade on Botched

  3. Koffa Botched 511

    "This Is Extremely Rare!" Can the Botched Doctors Figure Out How to Reconstruct A Patient's Face?

  4. Amanda Botched 511

    Botched Patient Amanda's Addiction to Plastic Surgery Left Her in a Coma: "I Nearly Died"

  5. Koffa, Botched 511

    "Devastated" Koffa Needs the Botched Docs' Help for More Than One Serious Issue

  6. Jessie, Botched 510

    Will the Botched Doctors Be Able to Give a Patient With "Paper Thin" Tissue New Breasts?

  7. Mariela, Botched 510

    Mariela's Tale of a Surprise Nose Job Abroad Is the Stuff of Nightmares on Botched

  8. Sallie Botched 510

    New Botched Patient Sallie Axl Explains How 3 Surgeries Gave Her "The Worst Nose Ever!"

  9. Karla, Botched 509

    "You Get What You Pay for!" New Patient Karla Turns to the Botched Docs After a Disastrous Boob Job

  10. Jim, Botched 509

    You'll Be Saying "Woof" After Hearing Botched Patient Jim's Dog Attack Tale

  11. Tina, Botched 509

    Boulder Holder! Botched Patient Tina Wants a Custom Corset for Her Giant 2,000cc Breasts

  12. Botched 508

    From "Lip Disaster" to Lumpy Lipo! Will the Botched Doctors Agree to Operate on Return Patient Jordan?

  13. Botched 508, Samantha

    New Botched Patient Samantha Has a Nipple in Her Armpit & Wants It Fixed—STAT!

  14. Botched 508, Jordan

    Return Patient Jordan Details How He Became the "Lip King" After Botched

  15. Ann-Marie, Botched 507

    Cancer Survivor Ann-Marie Turns to the Botched Docs After a Traumatic Double Mastectomy: "It Smelled Like Death"

  16. Danielle, Botched 507

    Botched Patient Danielle Details the Painful Reason Why She Wants Her Implants Removed

  17. Laura, Botched 507

    "Fugly" Duckling No More! Hear All About Laura's $450,000 Quest for Perfection on Botched

  18. Cindy Moore, Botched 506

    "Bigger Is Not Always Better!" Watch the Botched Docs Try to Give an Instagram Model a Wake Up Call

  19. Botched 506

    Botched Patient Katie Has a "Hot Mess" Nose With "Nostrils That Are Sky-High!"

  20. Tomi, Botched 506

    Illegal Injections Gone Wrong! Botched Patient Tomi Details the Silicone Butt Fillers That Almost Killed Her

  21. Trinity Taylor, Botched 505

    Did RuPaul's Drag Race Star Trinity "the Tuck" Taylor Sashay Away With New Lips on Botched?

  22. Botched

    Watch the Botched Docs Call Out a RuPaul's Drag Race Star's Face: "My Cheekbones Are So Real!"

  23. Botched 505

    Botched Patient Paula Explains How She Lost Her Right Breast After a Bad Boob Job

  24. Paul Nassif, Terry Dubrow, Botched 504

    The Impossible Is Possible on Botched! Watch Doctors Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif's Medical Magic Unfold

  25. Ava Van Rose, Botched 504

    Kiss Her, She's Irish! New Botched Patient Ava Van Rose Works Her "Charm" on Dr. Paul Nassif

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La Demi, Botched 512
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