1. Paul Nassif, Terry Dubrow, Botched 501

    Baseball Boobs and Bad Bags! The Botched Doctors Tackle Two Challenging Cases in the Season 5 Premiere

  2. Botched 501

    Hopeless Case? New Patient Nuray Turns to the Botched Docs After "About 20" Other Doctors Turned Her Away

  3. Dr. Paul Nassif, Dr. Terry Dubrow

    LOL! Watch Dr. Terry Dubrow Roast Dr. Paul Nassif Ahead of Botched's "Crazy" New Season

  4. Paul Nassif, Terry Dubrow, Botched, Botched 401

    The Botched Doctors to Tackle Even Bigger Cases in Season 5 This December! Watch a Sneak Peek

  5. Paul Nassif, Botched_422

    The Botched Doctors Meet With Three Memorable Patients...But Can They Help Them All?

  6. Nesreen, Botched_422

    This Botched Patient Recalls Being Promised a ''Really Cute, Perfect, Straight Nose''...But Got the Exact Opposite!

  7. Luke, Botched 422

    Transgender Patient Luke Hopes to Improve His Relationship by Fixing His Bad Chest Surgery on Botched

  8. Stacie, Botched 421

    15th Time's a Charm! Accident Prone Stacie Hopes the Botched Doctors Can Finally Give Her a Nose She Likes

  9. Luis, Space Elf, Botched_421

    This Aspiring Space Elf Wants the Botched Doctors to Help Transform His Face: ''I'm Not Elfing Around!''

  10. Leslie, Dr. Terry Dubrow, Botched_421

    Can the "Messiah of Breasts" Dr. Terry Dubrow Fix This Botched Patient's Displaced Boobs?

  11. Nina, Botched 420

    Can the Botched Doctors Help This Professional "Sugar Baby" With Her "Expanding Nipple Problem"?

  12. Nina, Botched 420

    Captain of the "Big Boob Army" Educates the Doctors About Her Luxurious Life as a Sugar Baby on Botched!

  13. Joey, Botched 420

    This Botched Patient Has "Lumps" in His Biceps and Thigh-Sized Triceps!

  14. Detox, Botched 419

    Can the Botched Doctors Give RuPaul's Drag Race's Detox the Abs of His Dreams?

  15. Jessica, Botched 419

    A Simple Breast Augmentation Turned Deadly for One Botched Patient: ''You Didn't Go to a Surgeon, You Went to an Assassin''

  16. Detox, Botched 419

    RuPaul's Drag Race Alum Detox Needs the Doctors to Fix His Wack Six-Pack on Botched

  17. Allegra, Botched 418

    Allegra Needs Help to Fix Her Mega-Breasts and Sharon Wants a New and Improved Butt on Botched

  18. Karissa, Botched 418

    A Vicious Dog Bite Left Botched Patient Karissa With a Gnarled Lip: ''I Don't Want to Look Like This for the Rest of My Life''

  19. Allegra, Botched 418

    "Extreme Surgery" Enthusiast Wants Her Lopsided Mega-Breasts Evened Out on Botched

  20. Sharon, Botched 418

    Botched Patient Hopes the Doctors Can Fix the Birth Defect Affecting Her Butt: "Being Intimate Has Been Difficult"

  21. Bryan, Botched 417

    Can the Botched Doctors Turn This Aspiring Pop Star Into Britney Spears?

  22. Botched, Bryan 417

    Britney Spears Impersonator and Aspiring Alien Pow Wow About Plastic Surgery on Botched!

  23. Botched, Brittany 417

    Botched Patient's Short-Term Breast Valve Gets a Long-Term Stay and Dr. Terry Dubrow Is Shocked!

  24. Botched, Rajee, 417

    Botched Patient Rajee, Who Had Cement in Her Face, Returns to Have Pesky New Growths Removed From Her Cheeks

  25. Ottavio, Botched 416

    Botched Patient Ottavio Wants the Doctors to Give Him the "Ultimate Pop Star Look"

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Paul Nassif, Terry Dubrow, Botched 501
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